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January 26, 2010

Why did My Daily List fall off the face of the Earth?

1. After years of hobo obsession, he finally packed his bindle and hit the open road.
2. My Daily List was designed to continue for 1001 lists but walking away from the responsibility of writing a daily list is best for the fine people of Alaska.
3. You don’t know it yet but mydailylist made it through Hollywood week and is one of the top 24 on American Idol.
4. He decided to rest on his laurels but he recently received his laurels in the mail and realized that they are highly unrestful bay leaves, so screw it.
5. He was content to simply watch television in the evening without the burden of writing a list. Then, Julia Roberts made a movie and they started showing a commercial with her donkey-face laughing that laugh that makes angels punch babies. So he started listing again.
6. He's been spending a lot of time in Crawford rockin' and reminiscin on the front porch with W.
7. He briefly took over Jay Leno's blog but then that jerk decided he wanted it back.
8. My Daily List's primary audience was women over the age of 90 so his following eventually died off. Now he's back to appeal to a fresher, younger audience with lists on such diverse topics as the Korean War, frozen TV dinners, and Ed Sullivan.
9. Had been distracted by the shiny ribbons from Christmas presents.
10. What? He stopped listing? I didn't notice.