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April 22, 2008

7 reasons Hillary Clinton shouldn't be the Democratic nominee for President

1. If it's her and McCain, I'll have to vote for McCain (as long as he picks a good VP to finish out his term in case he doesn't survive - he's really old.) I don't think I'm uncommon in this thought.
2. A second President Clinton will be like a second Porky's movie. Sure, some were clamoring for it but that didn't make it worthwhile.
3. What kind of President drinks a shot of whiskey because a bunch of rednecks peer-pressured her? I mean some of my best friends are red-necks but I've never felt pressured to match them drink for drink.
4. Who knew that being married to a President was the experience you needed to be President? Oh, wait, only an idiot would think that . . . yep, only an idiot.
5. Do we really need another President who feels that he (or she) is owed the Presidency?
6. Because most Americans hate her and we don't need four more years of divisive, party-centered bickering. We've wasted enough years in our separate camps without getting anything accomplished.
7. Because she opened the door for a woman to win the White House but, if she actually wins, the door will be slammed shut, locked, nailed tight and covered over with bricks. (People really hate that woman so her presidency may set women's rights back to the Victorian age.)

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