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April 24, 2008

SPECIAL LIST: 10 happy thoughts to combat my recently negative lists.

1. It's an awfully nice spring so far.
2. Two more weeks of a spring semester and the stress ends.
3. All of my finger and toe nails are fully functional and fungus-free.
4. Nearly a week without earthquakes.
5. If called upon, I am prepared remain in bed an entire day thereby making the world a better place in my absence.
6. Certain brands of beer available in 30-packs. That would last me 20 minutes longer than a standard case.
7. For all I know, I am in the prime of my life.
8. 243 days until Christmas.
9. Surely there can only be one Andrew Lloyd Weber night on American Idol so that threat has passed forever.
10. I understand that we have 5 billion years before the Andromeda galaxy slams into our our own forever destroying all earthly things.

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