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May 23, 2008

10 signs that you're a comic book dork.

1. You've lost your temper debating the pros and cons of various grades of bags and boards.
2. Most of your wardrobe consists of tee-shirts with your favorite character's image.
3. You use the phrase 'sequential story-telling'.
4. As you've grown older, you've abandoned long boxes for short boxes.
5. You've written a term paper about a graphic novel in a community college course.
6. You judge the quality of your action figures by their number of articulation points.
7. You've learned everything you know about databases by keeping a detailed inventory.
8. You met your girl-friend at a 'con.
9. You have a life-sized Spider-man costume tattoo. (If you're reading this Bob, hi, give me a call.)
10. You feel some resentment toward Stan Lee for the way he treated Jack Kirby.

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