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July 15, 2008

10 absolutely vital stories the media wants me to follow.

1. Whose baby bump is most fabulous?
2. What’s Brittney doing right now?
3. Has Amy Winehouse been arrested? Come down with a new disease? Checked into and/or out of rehab?
4. What are the girls on The Hills really like. I bet they’re really nice.
5. Has Jennifer Love Hewitt lost weight in her butt?
6. What’s up with Beyonce and JayZ? Are they happy? I hope they’re happy.
7. How come America isn’t embracing Ali Lohan? I mean, she’s recording a CD so we owe her fame and adulation, right? Are we suppose to wait for her track to drop before we elevate her to her rightful spot in the heavens?
8. Don’t you just love Mario Lopez’s dimples? He’s so successful in his own way.
9. Jessica Alba – love her or love her to pieces. She’s classic Hollywood.
10. Isn’t it great that Nicole Ritchie’s best-selling novel is being turned into a TV program? She’s worked so hard to be taken seriously as an actress/writer/producer/entrepreneur/ and I’m glad someone is finally noticing her.

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