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August 10, 2008

Having seen an unlikely Joan Jett/Huey Lewis concert, 5 ACT test answers based upon them if they were something else other than musicians.

1. (Ice cream) Joan Jett is to black cherry as Huey Lewis is to a big bowl of vanilla which, when you take a bite, you learn has no sugar or vanilla - just frozen milk.
2. (Television channels) Joan Jett is to MTV in its first year (when it was cool) as Huey Lewis is to the TV Guide channel - good stuff but who really cares.
3. (Cars) Joan Jett is to a TVR Sagaris (stripped-down, fast, sexy, and dangerous) as Huey Lewis is to a Volvo S80 (a darn nice car and most would be happy to drive.)
4. (Pants) Joan Jett is to (what else) skin tight black patent leather with lace-up front as Huey Lewis is to dungarees with a crease ironed down the front.
5. (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Joan Jett is to a future inductee as Huey Lewis is to can get a $7 discount on a two-day pass once he turns 65.

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