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September 18, 2008

4 potential reasons behind the current state of my 401K

1. Simple physics. As we move into the fall, cooler temperatures result in contraction.
2. NBC's Biggest Loser returns and brings my account along with it.
3. As George Castanza might suggest: shrinkage.
4. Look Honey, I Shrunk the Nest Egg
I wrote this list at about 9:30 pm and was struggling to come up with a #5, since that's a pleasing number for a list of things. I considered something about golf rules and the smallest portfolio wins but I opted to go with 4 rather than add something I recognized as tripe. A short time later, I'm watching The Daily Show and Jon Stewart uses the exact same schikt about golf rules. So, I've either come a long way and I'm ready to write for basic cable or Jon Stewart has started allowing interns to write his gags.


  1. shit I just started my first one in January when all this shit starting going down hill. sucks way worse for you.

  2. I choose to remain in denial. Everything's fine...tra la la. Not going to move, touch or change anything as far as my investments. It'll all be be fine...20 years from now. Tra la la la la. Wee!

    But on the other hand, I HAVE increased the amount of savings I stuff in the matress every month....just in case.