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November 22, 2008

8 ways to keep your feet warm this winter

1.  slippers
2.  wingtips
3.  loafers
4.  moccasins
5.  sneakers
6.  jackboots
7.  mukluks
8.  Birkenstocks


  1. Can I play?

    1. Hot brick
    2. Warm hearth
    3. Foot massage (warm hands, please!)
    4. Hot bath
    5. Mad, ecstatic dancing
    6. Gleeful, childlike jumping
    7. Hot coal walks
    8. Tuck feet under laptop

  2. Ahhh, a much better list. I was just trying to thinks of something other than "types of footwear" but these are great ways to keep your feet warm. I would have to add "dog" since I always seem to have a dog at my feet.

  3. Yes, dogs are great foot-warmers!