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January 11, 2009

5 things that are unbelievable about the premiere of 24.

1. The U.S. Senate would be in the midst of a hearing a 8 a.m. - yeah, right.
2. Tony Almeida survive not one, but two death scenes - as, if.
3. Jeanine Garafalo could pass an FBI employment clearence - no way.
4. Jack Bauer could survive for two hours without a cell phone - I wouldn't bet on it.
5. I'm actually tuned in even though I couldn't get through the last season and it didn't air at all last year - what a loser.


  1. Sucker!! You fell for the 24 hype! As if any of that could really happen!

    Now Lost...THERE'S a show!!


  2. Jack Bauer is awesome...he almost perform another ink pen torture scene!!! Awesome!