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February 8, 2009

What the media expects me to care about today

1.  Jessica Simpson is fat.  A) she ain't fat and B) even "skinny" she's not interesting enough to warrant so much attention.
2.  Who will be on Dancing With The Stars.  If I was interested in which annoying person was the best dancer, I could go to any dance club on a Saturday night.
3.  Rush Limbaugh speaks for the Republican party.  The unifying trait of Limbaugh listeners is stupidity not conservatism.
4.  Christian Bale is mean to crew members.  I say, "Way to go, Batman!"  My work life is complicated by simpletons on a daily basis and their incompetence just makes more work for me.  If I knew I'd only have to work with them until the end of a single project, I'd cuss them all out.
5.  Politicians are tax cheats.  Well, yeah, duh!  My question is if we could collect the names of every letter-to-the-editor writer, pundit, talking head, pseudo-plumber who has complained about this, how many would pass a tax audit?  Unless you can document that you don't have tax problems of your own, shut up.

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