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March 7, 2009

Am I a liberal idiot? 10 things which suggest that I might be.

Someone just commented on the WordPress My Daily List site (which was a temporary home while I played with their tools.) According to the comment, I am a liberal idiot. I never thought about it but I must be if these things are true.

1. I have an advanced degree in something other than accounting or computer science.
2. I own a blazer. (The thing with elbow patches and not the SUV.)
3. I don't watch cable news so I'm blind to the truth.
4. I personally know and have spoken to gays AND lesbians, occasionally even at the same time.
5. I love Marx and Lennon. (Groucho and John rather than Karl and Vladimir but they were pinkos too.)
6. The only gun I own shoots caulk.
7. I drive a Prius. (It doesn't look like a Soviet-era car by accident.)
8. I'm not a veteran. (I must hate America.)
9. Last week, a potential student came to my office for information. She was . . .Iranian! I actually spoke with her. (I must hate America.)
10. Oh yeah! I work at a school. I have to be a commie, right?

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