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March 24, 2009

If celebrities were zombies, 10 ways you could avoid falling prey to their fabulous zombie attacks.

1. Mylie Cyrus - no brain to destroy so you just have to ignore her; that will kill her.
2. Gordon Ramsey - cut out tongue and the inability to curse will lead to his head exploding.
3. Jimmy Fallon - laugh at his jokes and he'll die of shock.
4. William Shatner - tighten his girdle until his eyes pop out.
5. Hugh Hefner - don't worry, he'll just stumble about harmlessly trying to look down your shirt (and hoping your female.)
6. Hugh Laurie - contact gordonshumway on Twitter; she'll sacrifice herself and make out with him until he's dead, or at least really sleepy.
7. Rush Limbaugh - sprinkle Oxycontin behind you are you run away; he can't resist that stuff.
8. Mickey Rourke - he's only active every five or six years so you may never have to deal with his zombie version; if you do, botox him.
9. The cast of the Mama Mia movie - two options: play the movie soundtrack and force them to listen (nearly killed me) or contact the movie's editor (he's butchered them once so he should be able to do it a second time.)
10. Sarah Palin - invite zombie Palin to dinner but don't mention that you've also invited Katie Couric; Couric not likely to survive so win/win.

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  1. Ok, I can go home now. This is my ultimate LMAO moment for the day. Thanks you.