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July 27, 2009

My least favorite Academy Award winning Best Pictures

1.  The Life of Emile Zola - who the hell is Emile Zola? I've watched it and Paul Muni is always great to watch but still . . . yawn.
2.  Around the World in 80 Days - seemed like it lasted 100 days.
3.  Terms of Endearment - based upon this, you'd think James L. Brooks made his name writing soap operas rather than classic TV comedy
4.  Forrest Gump - he was part of every tedious CGI moment of the 60s and 70s
5.  The English Patient - there's nothing more enjoyable than a burn victim
6.  Crash - it's like an After School Special rolled in poop

The Greatest Show on Earth is often referenced as the worst Best Picture winner but I'm only listed movies I'm been able to watch all of the way through.


  1. Wow. You feel pretty strongly about your choices, don't you? I'm with you on The English Patient, Zola and Around the World. Have to disagree with you on Forrest Gump and Crash, and my wife will disagree with you on Terms of Endearment (me, I don't get it either).

  2. unfinished: I watched Crash in 2005 and I still have poop under my fingernails from handling the DVD.