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September 3, 2009

The September banned list - please update your systems accordingly.

1. Divas
2. Madonnas (living)
3. Hasselhoffs
4. Hurricanes
5. Overly produced reality shows (you may edit but don't arrange reality for them)
6. Cell phone holsters
7. Mojitos
8. Rachael Ray baby talk words
9. Rachael Ray
10. Vampires on television and in movies


  1. I agree totally! Especially with #5. People get so worked up about these reality shows when it's getting to the point of very little reality!

    For #10, if the vampires are sexy, they can hang around a bit!

  2. I'm long ago sick of Madonna, divas, Hasselhofs, cell phone holsters, mojitos and vampires, but Rachel Ray can come over and cook me dinner anytime.