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November 2, 2009

General impressions of Frazier . . . I mean Kelsey Grammar's new sitcom

1. Grammar seems to be represented by the same agency that gets reality show stars work in celebrity dunk tanks.
2. His character is suffering through bad economic times but lives in a house that at least as nice if not better than 80% of American homes - poor guy.
3. Straight line, punch line, straight line, punch line, straight line punch line, BLAM!! (That's a Nielson family blowing out their collective brains while watching.)
4. Precocious kids, crazy in-laws, and beleaguered wives sure are a laugh riot.
5. ABC chose to preempt an episode to show the 40 year old Charlie Brown Halloween special for the second time in the same week. Looks like the unemployment rate is about to soar.

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