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December 10, 2009

iPhone apps worth a look

1. IMDB - Movie Genie kept us going but it's about time they gave us movie nerds what we need.
2. iAssociate - it's a little clunky but a good idea for a word game.
3. Pocket Sitcom - if you need applause, hoots, or the right musical interlude to make your real life as interesting as TV.
4. Durak - I'd never heard of this card game before but now that I know how to play I can certainly adapt it to gambling.
5. Dragon Diction - free for now but something worth paying for if you need diction converted to text in the blink of an eye.
6. Pixo - it will need regular updates to make it a keeper but it's a great idea for a photo based game.
7. Gold Dust - free and useless but sparkly.
8. Yearbook Yourself - yes, it's old news but it's still endlessly funny.
9. WhatsApp Messenger - iPhone to iPhone messaging with notification which now supports audio and photos.
10. Traffic Rush - maybe the next Flight Control?

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