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March 1, 2010

The My Daily List Winter Olympics debriefing.

1. Canada's getting a little uppity.
2. Lindsey Vonn's publicist clearly suggested that she squirt a few when she won a medal so her endorsement prices would go through the roof. Not only did she have trouble with her phony tears, an interviewer asked her, "hey, what's up with the crying, everyone says that's totally not like you."
3. NBC continues to prove that they are terrible when it comes to Olympic coverage (and most other things.) Do they have anyone who can simply provide sports commentary and not catty behind-the-scenes nitpicking of every athlete. And what's up with that Mary Carillo? You can't understand half of the words coming out of her mouth (apparently she stores marbles in her mouth) and she's still boring. Give me the animated corpse of Jim McKay over any of them.
4. Can we agree that "figure" skating no longer exists. If you don't recall, real figure skaters had to skate figures between their short and long routines and if they didn't have the control and skill to FIGURE skate, they didn't win a medal. Now it's all jazz hands and lip-pouting. The whole thing needs a new name. Ice Flouncing?
5. Poor Shaun White. How sad to have an Olympic event created because you exist and realize that no one can beat you. He did his very best to appear excited by his gold medal but he had all the feigned enthusiasm of a frat boy trying to drag Mardi Gras into Ash Wednesday.
6. What's with all the terrible comedy writers (yes, SNL, you suck) making jokes about curling? It's the only interesting winter sport outside of hockey.
7. The International Olympic Committee claims that they are "morally" responsible for a Georgian luger death. I'm not sure if they've confused "morally" with "legally" or if they're admitting that they'd rather burn in Hell than settle a wrongful death suit.
8. I've only been to Canada for a few hours. Are there really as many Mounties as the closing ceremony suggested?
9. Wouldn't platform diving be much cooler if they moved it from the summer to the winter games?
10. Now that the coverage is over, we can all get back to hating Jay Leno.


  1. I have enjoyed reading the list you have mentioned here. I didn't know those facts.