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October 31, 2008

6 Halloween costumes I've worn

1.  Captain America - included a cheap flammable suit and a plastic face held on with a rubber band.
2.  Hobo - my preschool beard was created by smearing vaseline all over my face and coating it with toaster crumbs.
3.  Various zombies and dead guys.
4.  A prom couple killed in a horrible car accident on their special dream night.
5.  Charlie Chaplin - with vintage bowler and cane
6.  Homer Simpson - with custom built fat suit, bald wig, and six pack of duff beer


  1. My mother in law has two kinds of treats. The kids who are dressed as Obama get a small piece of candy...so there is enough for everyone. The kids dressed as McCain get a big bakery doughnut...they worked hard for it. Hmmm...wonder who she'll vote for.

  2. Then it's a good year to be a two-headed monster. To be extra scary, McCain should be the left head and Obama the right.

  3. hremember when you made me a costume? I was a playing card....awesomeness!