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January 15, 2009

5 reasons that I'm really pumped about having a broken pipe.

1. I don't have to mop the floor now.
2. I've never really done any drywall work before so now I can learn all about it.
3. Maybe Joe the Plumber will stop by (oh, wait, he's not actually a plumber.)
4. If my pipes were okay, I couldn't stay home waiting for a plumber and I'd have to go out in that cold.
5. My savings has grown unmanageably bulky so this will knock it down a peg or two.


  1. 3 Reasons Renting is better than owning....
    1. If pipe break I still get to stay home and my savings does not decrease.
    2. Dont have to worry about waiting long for a plumber because maintance comes right away.
    3. Did I mention that my savings would not be touched?

  2. ahhh, but add up all the money you've spent so far in rent. My pipe will cost much less than that.