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February 20, 2009

10 movie surcharges (and why I'm not currently watching Coraline in 3D)

The little lady and I had planned to see Coraline in 3D tonight since the non-3D prints move to the so-last-week screens this Monday. Then, we discovered that it cost an extra $2.50 to buy a 3D movie ticket. WHAT? Sure, I light piles of $20 bills with $2 bills but I'm not going to pay a premium to watch a digital movie delivered on a hard drive AKA what I'll see on DVD in 8 weeks. Take this Hollywood jerks.

1. $3 - we'll make sure your car is safe
2. $2 - you can sit down
3. $3.50 - we won't prelick your drink straws
4. $5 - we won't give you the "buttered" popcorn
5. $4 - go ahead, talk to the screen, we don't care
6. $2.56 - here's a flashlight, shine it someone's eyes and exert your authority
7. $3 - you get to leave your cell phone on but you have to answer on the first ring: $0.50 extra per unanswered ring.
8. $10 - pants optional viewing (not available for NC-17 movies)
9. $8 - we'll personally notify your friends with graduate degrees when you see a foreign film. For $10 well tell them that you laughed at all of the culturally relevant moments.
10. $1 - we'll provide a ticket stub for the trendiest indie film whenever you pay to see a movie starring someone appearing on a Disney Channel program - you pervert.

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