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March 14, 2009

GUEST LIST: Food Network: The Good, The Bad, The Rachael

Guest contribution from @mtefood.

Top Ten Programs
1. Tyler’s Ultimate. Tyler Florence; Easy to recreate and tasty recipes.
2. Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. Anne Burrell; She is very good and very informative.
3. Good Eats. Alton Brown; I have no problem including humor with cooking information.
4. Giada At Home. Giada De Laurentiis; I like Italian and she is very easy on the eyes.
5. Iron Chef. I generally don’t like this genre but these chefs have street cred; (Morimoto, Flay, Batali). Why they do this crap I really don’t understand. (See #9 Below)
6. That's all I got.

The Bad
1. Rachael Ray. Unless you have a crew preparing ingredients, you can’t do this stuff in thirty minutes.
2. Rachael Ray. I've had an expense account for 20 years and $40 just doesn’t cut it.
3. Rachael Ray. EVOO. Saying Olive Oil (3 syllables) is easier to say than EVOO (4 syllables). Since she has only thirty minutes maybe she should be a little more efficient with her language.
4. Rachael Ray. The only products she should be promoting are Training Bras.
5. Rachael Ray. Can’t even get away from her even when she is on vacation. Who cares where she goes.
6. Rachael Ray
7. Rachael Ray
8. Cat Cora. If I want a Steak Bomb and Fries, I'll give you a call.
9. Any show that uses a timer. Timers should only be used in Football, Futbol, and Basketball.
10. Any other show not previously mentioned.
11. Rachael Ray

From the Desk of My Daily List: Rachael Ray has defeated Martha Stewart in the first round of the Douchebags bracket of this years Deceiver Madness 09 Hypocrite of the Year tournament. Monday, Rach is up against Speidi (that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt for all of you who aren't aware of their couple name (they're useless celebutantes for all of you who lead productive lives.)) VOTE RACHAEL! (who published a dog recipe that included onions, which as any dog advocate knows, are poisonous to dogs.)


  1. I take it, you don't like Rachel Ray?

  2. Who? Me? If it weren't for her I wouldn't know how contractual obligated celebrities felt about mac 'n cheese. Who knew that they'd all love it!!