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March 23, 2009

The Heroes drinking game, just in time for tonight's show.

1. Whenever Hiro or Ando's dialog is subtitled, take a drink.
2. Whenever you're distracted by Sylar's unibrow, take a drink.
3. Whenever Noah Bennet battles super powered foes armed with only a taser and a pair of retro eyeframes, take a drink.
4. Whenever you realize that Claire-bear is that annoying girl in US Magazine who has a dolphin fetish, take a drink.
5. Whenever you wonder aloud, "Why in the hell am I still watching this show?", take a drink.

(As I was looking up how to spell the character's names, I discovered that, now that Pushing Daisies has been canceled, Bryan Fuller will be returning to the writing staff of Heroes at the end of this season. Maybe it will be worth watching again next year?)


  1. I was thinking Bryan Fuller wrote tonight's episode so....

  2. I thnk i wacht it but i, m so drunnk from th game I

  3. This could turn everyone into a raging alcoholic. Nice. Sir, you have turned lists into an art form.

  4. When you drink...you may STUMBLE.