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March 3, 2009

In the midst of a dead-boring winter, 10 dead-boring things that are the closest thing I have excitement (although #7 is endlessly funny.)

1.  I bought a new vacuum. (Dyson Animal)
2.  Enjoyed America's creepiest Bachelor and his equally creepy sloppy-seconds Bachelorette.
3.  I think I may have figured out to cook with tofu. (Try it carmelized with maple syrup and added to an egg sandwich seasoned with mirrin.)
4.  Sun is coming up just about the same time that the alarm goes off so there's no awkward not wanting to get out of bed because it's dark, like last month, or waking up an hour early because the sun comes up at 5:30, like next month.
5.  Hair is looking pretty good - it's about the only part of me that's not putting on winter flab.
6.  They make sunflower butter and it's pretty good.
7.  Bizkut the Dog
8.  I had pancakes for dinner recently and they were really good.
9.  No chance that I'll be asked to give up a couple week's pay this spring (as I was expecting) and all it took was borrowing nearly a trillion dollars from China.
10. Considering more pancakes.

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