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March 4, 2009

A MYDAILYLIST QUIZ: Ladies, is your man a meat-head?

Consider each meat-head trait. Does it describe your man?

1. Does he shave his head so that no one will suspect his hair is thinning?
2. When coming indoors, does he wear his sunglasses on the back of his head?
3. If pressed, could he tune to Spike TV without looking up the channel number?
4. Does he use the phrase 'get 'er done' more than twice a day?
5. Does he drive a pickup truck on the off chance that one day he'll need to buy a fiberglass tub/shower insert?
6. Does he own a football/NASCAR themed leather coat?
7. Has he thumbtacked a beer ad with a bikini-clad woman/women on any wall of the house or garage?
8. When eating at a restaurant, does he look for cheese sauce on the list of sides?
9. Does he still talk about how the guys who went to the rival high school are gay?
10. Has he installed so many woofers in his car that you can hear AND see his music playing?

How many yeses?

1-3 Yeses: your man isn't a meat-head, just sorta stupid.
4-7 Yeses: your man may well be a meat-head (in fact he probably is) but he is, at the very least, picking up meat-head traits from his meat-head friends.
8-10 Yeses: you are likely a meat-head yourself given the fact that you could put up with such a big meat-head. You two deserve each other.


  1. What if a guy does all those things IRONICALLY?

  2. That is an excellent question. Acting ironically was actually the 11th question of the quiz so doing all of these things ironically may result in meat-head squared AKA the exponential law of irony.