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March 30, 2009

The nerd food chain (from bottom to top.)

1. Flea market collectibles dealers
2. Pet adoption zealots and/or people who buy dog food/cat litter in 50 pound bags..
3. Band members (excludes rock band members)
4. Bloggers
5. Star Trek/War fans
6. Comic book collectors (They are higher level than Star Trek/War fans although these two groups are often referred to as the conjoined twins of nerd-dom.
7. Martial arts meat heads
8. Congress
9. Fantasy football leaguers
10. Al Gore


  1. Number four saddens me- but I also have an odd sense of pride. Number fooooourrr!

  2. Embrace the nerd within you. At least you aren't one of those Dungeon and Dragon nerds. Right?