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April 3, 2009

5 benefits of being sick

1. Sleeping in the middle of the day
2. Bedhead is not bedhead until one gets out of bed
3. Food miraculously appears whenever you're lying down
4. Snuggie can finally be used for its natural and intended purpose
5. No need to write list when it can be dictated (....read that back to me)


  1. Someone's taking care of you - that's the cutest thing ever.

  2. Kind of sounds like the life of a cat ;)

  3. hbt: it's cute in theory but the phlegm really put's it in perspective.

    manz: that must be why there's cat's all over me.

  4. My take on bedhead is it's not bedhead if your still in your pajamas. Yep, you guessed it, I'm still in my pajamas