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April 1, 2009

Culinary terms or substance abuse?

1. Sauced
2. Stewed
3. Pickled
4. Baked
5. Marinated
6. Toasted
7. Herbed
8. Fried
9. Slow roasted
10. Quesadillaed (I'm trying to start this one but it hasn't caught on yet.)


  1. Well...er...ummmm - okay, so maybe I've never been quesadillaed. Unless, it was that time when I was living on the coast in Mexico and one night... oh, never mind.

  2. I've been grilled - but that's no fun.

    I've been whipped - no comment.

    I've been sandwiched, but haven't committed to the full quesadilla.

  3. me-me and hbt: I was viewing quesadillaing as a wholesome family drunkfest. Now I'm reconsidering.