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April 10, 2009

My Daily List's guide to writing a list every day.

1. Turn on computer.
2. Stare cluelessly at a blank post template.
3. Pick all of the marbits out of a box of Lucky Charms and eat them in a bowl with milk.
4. Write and delete numerous bad lists.
5. Look through available liquor and try to come up with a cocktail using creme de mint, sweet vermouth, Goldschlagger, and bitters.
6. Drink 5 Cinnamintinis and hope no one is looking in on your personal shame.
7. Stare at computer again.
8. Rationalize stifling sense of self-loathing as an initial stage of alcohol poisoning.
9. Consider another poop/fart list.
10. Type up something random, click 'publish', go to bed.


  1. I am the absolute worst list writer. My lists end up looking like a daily journal entry. Long and boring, full of rambling thoughts. Of course, the ones I actually do complete, I misplace or end up using them as a notepad..

  2. Nipsy, it sounds like you're actually very proficient at list writing. I aim to bore and ramble on a daily basis and the lack of throngs reading my lists is proof of my success.