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April 9, 2009

8 ways the world would change if I wake up as a dog tomorrow.

1. When the alarm goes off, I'd yawn, give some human a cute, tired look, and the get back to the sleeping.
2. I'd grow out my hair and call myself Scruffy.
3. No more waiting for a commercial during a good TV show when the floor can be pooped upon.
4. I'd be the one to finally take care of those good for nothing squirrels.
5. I'm thinking this petting thing would be worth exploring.
6. Vomit would shift from something to avoid to something to eat.
7. I'd no longer look so wimpy doing the dog paddle in the pool.
8. I'd waste time chasing my tail rather than twiddling my thumbs.


  1. 9. You wouldn't be able to type these great lists.

    Or...would you? Hmmm.

  2. Jeff, you'd be surprised how often I dictate lists to my dog. He's a good boy.