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May 30, 2009

10 Barry Manilow Facts

1. If Manilow writes a song, he makes the WHOLE world sing it.
2. Manilow doesn't botox, he just encourages his skin each time he sings "I Can't Smile Without You."
3. Manilow's piano has 89 keys. The extra key opens up our hearts.
4. Manilow isn't stuck on Band-Aids, Band-Aids are stuck on him.
5. Gold was a worthless rock until Manilow started recording albums.
6. Galileo didn't know Manilow or else he would have known that Earth orbits Barry and the sun is his personal spotlight.
7. The Pope is jealous of Manilow's fabulous shoes.
8. 80% of the power in Las Vegas is derrived from Manilow's smile.
9. Twitter has a "no Manilow" policy since their system won't allow 6 billions followers.
10. Perrier was invented because it was demeaning for Manilow to walk on tap water.

To be continued . . .?


  1. The one about the extra key being the one that opens our hearts ... I have always left a light on for Barry!!

  2. You like him, YOU REALLY LIKE HIM. You and I were meant to be platonic soul mates.

  3. What a terrific post! I especially like the one about poor, benighted Galileo, making pronouncements without knowing the glory of Barry. You sound just like a Faniow, except that you have a sense of humor.

    This is my first visit. Now I'm gonna have to check out some of your past lists.

  4. BigMark: That's beautiful. I hope it's a chasing light, like the lights that light up the Copacabana sign.

    Ma: I'm glad to see I've won back your love.

    Gal: I'm an Illinoisan too so look for some Blago lists.

  5. We are all moving in peace and hamony towards perfect Manilowness. Nice list.

  6. #3 Ha! Love it.

  7. Sorry, I couldn't get past #1.

  8. DDyer: I'm hopeful that more will follow until I get a cease and desist.

    Amber: If you ever find the 89th key, don't play it. It's is a blessing and a curse.

    Me-Me: The more I work on a list, the more likely there is to be extra words from previous versions. Okay, I fixed number one, you can read the rest for grammar and typos. (Unless you weren't proof-reading and had to stop for medical reasons.)

  9. His music is so sweet and fluffy, he should change his name to Barry MarshManilo.

  10. Good post. Keep on sharing such posts. I like it.

  11. I saw Barry last night at the Capitol 4th Rehearsal. He does have fabulous shoes!

  12. dcsharon - thanks for the on-the-scene reportage.