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May 31, 2009

Now that I've finally seen the last episode of Lost, 5 things I've learned.

1. Jacob lives in a shoe? Like the little ol' lady who?
2 Hurley should odd oat bran to his diet.
3. For a surgeon, Jack sure does punch a lot. Probably the most punchingest surgeon alive.
4. Ben seems incapable in healing - how long is he going to have seeping wounds from a fist fight he had days and days ago?
5. Blowing up the island with a nuclear bomb fixes everything? That's like throwing out the fat man with the bath water.


  1. You leave me and my bath water out of this.

  2. I love JJ Abrams, I actually went to see the new Star Trek movie just because he directed it.

  3. Big "Lost" fan. Is Jacob God, or the Devil? Ask Dick Cheney. (Hey, that would be a good advice column, doncha think?)