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May 3, 2009

18 funny movies from the Depression

  1. Bachelor Mother
  2. Fast and Furious
  3. My Favorite Wife
  4. Larceny Inc.
  5. The Devil and Miss Jones
  6. The Miracle at Morgan Creek
  7. Free and Easy
  8. Holiday
  9. It Happened One Night
  10. The More the Merrie
  11. Woman Chases Man
  12. You Can't Take It With You
  13. Love Crazy
  14. The Major and the Minor
  15. Merrily We Live
  16. Le Million
  17. Ruggles of Red Gap
  18. Three Men On A Horse


  1. Wow, I've not heard of most of these. Once again, I'm the last to know.

    *MMM leaves to Google this list*

  2. I'm up to 1100 depression era movies on DVD, thanks to Turner Classic Movies. It seems odd that so few younger folks don't know that a 70 year old B&W movie could be so good.