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May 17, 2009

5 ways you can tell the difference between rock stars and bloggers.

1. Rock stars are adored by millions. Bloggers are put up with by many family members.
2. Rocks stars drop F-bombs on live television. Bloggers drop Entrecards on other people's blogs.
3. Many rock stars have coke problems. Many bloggers have Mountain Dew and Skittles problems.
4. Rock stars gain attention by sampling music from popular songs and presenting it as their own. Bloggers attract visitors to their blog by finding original material online and cutting and pasting into their blog.
5. Rock stars have not idea what #2 means. Bloggers read #2 and LOL.


  1. Mountain dew?


    That's for homeless people!

  2. I've never met a computer nerd who wasn't sustained by a MD and Skittles diet. Most of them live in their parent's basement so I suppose that makes them homeless.

  3. It's M&Ms, not Skittles, but yeah...fairly dead on.

  4. Fishing??? Yes, you are adored.