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May 15, 2009

Eight Things I'm Too Old For....(as dictated from the road)

1. Moving furniture

2. Running (unless it's fleeing for my life)

3. Riding carnival rides (i.e., non-bolted down rides or those with heart condition warning signs)

4. Starting an evening out at 10 pm

5. Snow

6. Going shirtless and/or wearing tank tops

7. 2 old 4 SMS

8. Eating Mexican food at 2 am

(still too young for a Speedo, though)


  1. i would like to add to the list...falling down

  2. I'm too old for bad beer. See ya later Milwuakee's Beast!

  3. MyLookie: we are not too old to fall, just too old to bounce.

    DDyer: I'm good with this as long as we don't confuse good/bad with expensive/cheap. While I enjoy my Sam Adams, Stella Artois, Bells and countless other needlessly expensive beers most couldn't tell them apart from Stag or Miller High Life if poured into a fine beer glass. (Miller High Life should not be confused with the other terrible beers labeled Miller. It is the Champagne of Beers.)

  4. Camping, skiing, hiking, bicycling, walking, bending. And dropping acid.