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June 28, 2009

10 more books to read while pooping (which have nothing to do with pooping.)


  1. I cannot handle #2.

    You sure know how to make with the funny!

  2. That should have been #3. Sorry, it's early.

    But speaking of #2 and #1, I couldn't never remember which is which.

    Which is which?

  3. Erin: You should never handle #2 without gloves.

    #3, by the way, is a sum and #1 and #2 and not simply in mathematical terms.

  4. Touche', Mr. List. Maybe Bill O'Reilly's "A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity". I said maybe.

  5. DDyer: Okay now, that it is a good one.

  6. What, you forget the classic 'Mr Messy' by Skid, Mark.
    brain wandering- is it a coincidence that the World Intellectual Property Organization is known as WIPO?
    I'll leave now, before I make a fool of myself...