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June 29, 2009

Careers my cats might take on to bring some more money into the house.

1.  Document shredding
2.  Groomer
3.  With their propensity for large litters, reality show star on TLC
4.  Tuna boat captain
5.  Professional vomit artist (creating mixed media masterpieces with hair and half-digested kibble)
6.  Waiter in a French restaurant (they're sort of stuck-up)


  1. So true!
    Mine could do some of those too... especially 4 and 5.

  2. These are all very possible career opportunities. It would be nice if they could bring some money into the house. They have the skils, why not put them to use!

  3. I long for a dog list.......you forgot about the scarecrow's allergies.

  4. Yeah, and furniture-distresser. There's a chance that frayed couches will come into style at some point, right?

  5. How about personal trainers for dogs? You could get them jogging in front of my dog who needs some exercise - he'd chase them as long as they'd run! I LOVE the French waiter idea!

  6. Pets of all sorts need to pick it up and start bringing home the bacon. Dogs though? Do they really have any skills besides peeing on the carpet. Maybe they could be door-to-door carpet cleaners salesdogs. Instead of pouring ketchup on the carpet for their demos, they can just lift their legs.

  7. That does it, you narrow minded pussy-cat lover!
    Mr. Blogmeister, I have read two days worth of cat scat. During the second one they had to call 911 due to my breathless attack of asthma. I have tolerated your beliefs with a pleasant nature.
    You could give a dog lover the same respect.

    You are now, officially, on MY LIST.