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June 3, 2009

10 observations upon watching Stop Making Sense for only the second time (after 25 years have passed since my first viewing)

1. Still cool.
2. Boy, we sure did have cheek bones in the 80s.
3. Legend has is it that Adrian Belew lived above the Esquire Theater in Springfield, Illinois.
4. Speaking of Adrian Belew, enjoy.
5. Judy's in the bedroom, inventing situations.
6. Jonathan Demme isn't just good at winning Best Director Oscars, he knows how to present concerts on film
7. Movie connection: Risky Business - The Swamp
8. Flippy Floppy is something you make.
9. I don't care how much Maria Carey tries to destroy them, the Tom Tom Club is a cool band.
10. You got a face with a view.

1 comment:

  1. Tom Tom Club is indeed a cool ban. I can't listen to that song without some part of my body involuntarily gyrating.