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June 19, 2009

5 nicknames for Robert Pattinson

1.  Cokehead
2.  Mr. Mussy Hair
3.  The Male Jessica Alba
4.  2015's Mickey Roarke
5.  Who?


  1. I agree with #5. Just a tich of over exposure with this one.

  2. While #4 is funny, I have to go with Michael on this ... who??

  3. Clearly I know who he is so maybe What? would work better. The only reason I know him is that I saw him on the Today show the day his movie opened. I noted two things: 1. he was SOOOO stoned and 2. there were throngs of girls screaming.

  4. Edward!!! Edward!!!! Edward!!!

    LOL! Just kidding. Wanted you to think some teenage reader landed on your page and was going ga-ga over Rob. I love Twilight, but I'm not ga-ga over him.