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June 23, 2009

Beer + Spending time with the in-laws.

0 beers: Just sit quietly and give her the is-it-time-to-go look.
2 beers: Sweet, sweet indifference.
4 beers: Yes, he tells you this joke every time you see him. Just smile. Smile . . .
6 beers: You know, it doesn't really matter who does or doesn't like Bill Clinton but I'm pretty sure Clinton didn't ask Barbara Streisand to help him pick Supreme Court nominees.
8 beers: "$%*@&!#$&!!" Did I say that out loud?
10 beers: "There's shum-thing I've alwaysh wanted to shay to you . . . "
12 beers: Just sit quietly and give her the sorry look (and be thankful no one will ask you back for at least 6 months.)


  1. 8 beers ... whoa... for me, that is just at the idea of going to see her crappy family!!

  2. I find that bourbon is the best anesthetic for in-law visits. Beer will suffice for Mrs. Tesch's friends, but I need something stronger when I need to keep quiet.

  3. That's OK....I usually need a shot of whiskey before hanging with your family.....

  4. #0 through #4 and I'm good to go.