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June 9, 2009

I am sick of crazy cat ladies trying to guilt me into adopting a stray. Here are 10 ways our world can deal with cat overpopulation.

1. Austria - Katze Schnitzel (fried boneless cat with lemon)
2. Germany - Sauerkatzen (stewed cat with vinegar, brown sugar, gingersnaps,and raisins)
3. United States - Big Meow (two all-cat patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun)
4. Mexico - Gatodillas (the flatten quesadilla format means that cats which were run-over by cars don't go to waste.)
5. Italy - Veal PiCATTa (a fusion of veal and cat with a savory caper sauce)
6. United Kingdom - Welsh Rarecat (toasted cat with cheese sauce)
7. Japan - YaCATitori - (grilled skewers of cat served with a sweet dipping sauce)
8. India - Kitten Tikka Masala (tandorri-cooked, tomato-based curry)
9. Isreal - Gefilte Cat (balls of chopped cat, vegetables, and matzah meal boiled in broth and served with horseradish)
10. South Africa (I'm hoping my South African friends will help here so read the comments.)


  1. I take it you don't like cats ..?

  2. Big Mark: I love cats, particularly on rye with spicy mustard and Swiss cheese.

  3. As directed: Cat biltong. (biltong is raw, dried and seasoned meat strips like jerky). Cat has a gamey taste. Mmmm.
    (Interestingly, a local mexican-themed restaurant was supposedly exposed for having skinned cat carcasses in their kitchen. Kitty fajita?

  4. Husbands: South Africa is in the hizzouse! (I'm not sure if this means anything but I think I heard a young person say this ten years ago.) A perfect cat dish since any cat owner knows that they can be jerky. Thanks.

  5. After traveling the world, in my lifetime, I have tasted all of the items you have mentioned. Somehow they all tasted a tad like chicken.

  6. Cat on a stick. Put it on a stick and I'll eat almost anything. I said almost, perv.