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June 11, 2009

WRITER'S BLOCK! Here are some list ideas and an example of what might have been.

1. Words that describe both your love life and your bathroom visits.
You can get dumped or take a dump.
2. A Preston Sturges film festival.
The Palm Beach Story
3. How to tell if Match.com has hooked you up with a Sasquatch.
Her dislikes include photographers and bigfoot hunters.
4. Sure fire ways to insure that no one reads your blog.
Spend hours and hours coming up with something clever to say.
5. The Barack Obama drinking game.
Every time he nationalizes health care, take a drink


  1. If I had to come up with a witty/interesting list each day I would need to be in the "home" with paper plates and plastic spoons, with all the doors locked.
    I look forward to starting each day with the Rants Man and you, even when you think you have writer's block.

  2. List #1 - My girlfriend was runny and full of corn.

    List #2 - Who in the World is Preston Sturges?

    List #3 - Under category "Hair", it says "Yes".

    List #4 - Add weekly advice posting.

    List #5 - Two drinks for teleprompter use and chug a full beer when Biden uses the word "Pandemic".

  3. I like #1 - you could put infrequent, painful, quick, unpleasant, liberating - depends on the person, I guess!

  4. Scarecrow: they no longer trust us with plastic spoons since we learned how to sharpen them into lethal sporks.

    Earl: LOLing is for the weak but I LOLed your #1 about #2. As for Preston Sturgess, I'm hoping your just making fun of my inability to spell and not that you are unaware of him. If the first, I've fixed it, if the second, you have some movies to watch. #5, I consided having an all-drink if he said "um" but I thought this would be a national security issue since most would be dead at the end of any hour-long speech.

    Tracy: you've come up with an excellent list but I worry that you need to include more fiber in your diet.

  5. I see myself on the no.1 .. haha.. I can get used to it.