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July 5, 2009

10 best cookies.

1.  The decorated Christmas cookies my sister made in the 1970's
2.  Archway Cashew Nougat
3.  Italian Wedding Cookies (all variations)
4.  Country Market Iced Cutouts
5.  Fortune cookies that aren't stale and tell you you're attractive and will be wealthy someday
6.  Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies within ten minutes of coming out of the oven
7.  Pizzelle with anise seeds
8.  Girl Scout Tagalongs
9.  Heyday Cookie Bars
10.  Ice Animal Crackers


  1. You my friend, have never had the chocolate chip cookies at the Astoria Bakery then. They are CLEARLY the best cookies in the universe!! Not that I am biased or anything ...

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  3. Big Mark: Is this the cookie? http://tiny.cc/CMynp If so, they're available for mail order all y'all.

  4. I found a cookie called Kitchen Sink, because it has - you guessed it - everything but. I hear ya on the wedding cookies! I wonder if they made a thing called divorce cookies what that would taste like. Bittersweet?

  5. Can I vote for those friggin Mother's animal cookies? You know, the pink and white ones. I can eat a bag of those, throw up, and eat another bag.

  6. Ungirdled: Divorce Cookies! Quick, you need to copyright that and start marketing. I you might need three variations: bittersweet but also just plain sweet and just plain bitter.

    Jerry: We don't get a lot of Mother's in this area but the pink and white ones are exactly what I meant in #10. Why stop at two bags.