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July 6, 2009

10 things that are on my mind this evening.

1.  Who the heck won that I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here thing?
2.  Now that oil prices are down and Alaska's state budget isn't swimming in non-tax revenue, how will we know whether Sarah Palin's executive skills were up to leading them through a more real-life budget process? (Maybe I should have included this on my list a few days back.)
3.  Hilary Duff is joining Gossip Girl!!!  Who and what are those things?
4.  Shouldn't we know to allow Kate Gosselin her privacy so that she doesn't have to have her publicist releasing statements every few days?  We should really make this the cover story of People, US, and Good Housekeeping magazines. 
5.  How long has it been since I've eaten a donut? 
6.  Hey!  Big Brother starts this week!
7.  I could really use another cup of that expresso gelato I had last Saturday at the taste-of festival.
8.  I've been out of Tuaca for a long time.  I should deal with that and by "deal with" I mean go buy some.
9.  Am I lazy if I think that it's too much work to get the hammock out of the shed so I could lie in it and take a nap?
10.  I really need to come up with another set of Barry Manilow facts.


  1. I've never heard of Tuaca but now that I have, I must have some.

  2. DDyer: If you want to be a foodie, soak cut strawberries in it and add some finely ground black pepper. If you want to drink it, keep it simple. The flavor opens up with a splash of water.