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July 24, 2009

10 unintentional Comic-Con costumes

1.  Mullet Man
2.  Desperate Virgin 
3.  The Completist
4.  The Sinister Cleavage Glancer
5.  Jiggles, The Sonic Pot-Belly
6.  Unfortunate Tattoo Girl
7.  Margot Kidder
8.  The Uncanny Basement Dweller
9.  Random Normal Guy
10.  Harry Pothead


  1. Each and every one of these were a winner!

  2. Lol... What a great list - I like Random Normal Guy/girl because that would be me!

  3. LOLOLOL at #7.

    I want to go to Comic Con next year. These costumes sound wonderful.

  4. Ahh, nerds are so fun to mock (says the guy with 10,000 comics in his closet.) #7 was my favorite. I did check the guest list online and she is there.