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July 13, 2009

5 Match Game questions found in the Old Testament - Mark Goodson edition.

1.  Lot’s wife was a shameless harlot.  One night,
when they had guests for dinner, another woman’s husband asked her to
pass the salt and she handed him BLANK
2.  Noah was sooo dumb.  He thought God said that he would strain for forty days and nights so he built the world’s largest BLANK
3.  Mrs. Moses was the jealous type.  She went through the roof when she heard Moses talking about the BLANK
4.  Joseph said, "I'm never sending my coat to the dry cleaner again.  The last time I did,  it came back BLANK
5.  John McCain didn't kill his brother Abel, he just forgot to BLANK him.  (Yes, he's that old.)


  1. Oh fun! Let's do this:
    1)Her panties!
    3)Burning bush (You set that one up on purpose)
    4)Starched to the bejeezus.
    5)Stop smacking the life out of.