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July 12, 2009

5 ways that cheerleaders are like pancakes.

1.  They preferred to be stacked.
2.  They'd rather be golden than pale and tepid.
3.  They're sticky sweet but too much of them can make you sick to your stomach
4.  They both liked to be flipped.
5.  Similar IQs


  1. Love #5 ... think it is very accurate as well. Cheerleading is one of the riskiest activities for a high school girl. Why not run into a wall running at full speed from 10 feet away? Bet the damage would be about the same, as well as the impact on the world's society ...

  2. I'll never eat pancakes again without thinking I'm eating a syrup covered cheerleader.

  3. And you want to put your penis in them. What? Just me?

  4. I was a cheerleader back in the day - we actually LEAD the crowd in CHEERS to motivate the team. We actually knew what was going on during the game and were focused on that, not how short our skirts were. (Ours were woolen and almost down to our knees!) So, while 1, 2 & 4 were true of our squad, 3 & 5 should be replaced with "can be nutty" and "enjoyed by football players."

  5. BigMark: To be fair, it's a sport, but you're right. I think it has more injuries than football.

    Michael and DDyer: I can't help but to think of your comments as one.

    Ungirdled: I have to say that, while I have known a cheerleader or two in my life, they have not played a major role. On the other hand, I have a long, personal relationship with pancakes so this comparison is nothing but positive.

    #3: too much of anything excellent can make you queasy so this just notes the excellence of cheerleaders. #5: note that I did not quantify an IQ, I just suggested parity. I've eaten many a stack that had more brains than some of the faculty at my university.

  6. I like them covered in butter, syrup and various fruits then topped off with whipped cream.

    Pancakes, too.