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July 29, 2009

Attention TV Big Shots: Here are some dating shows you haven't forced upon us yet.

1. A handsome man finds love among a group of college girls and AARP members - Age Before Booty.
2. A librarian finds her socially awkward dream man and reshelves the others - Dewey Love Me or Dewey Not?
3. Sixth-graders compete for dream dates to Disney World - Tweens Gone Wild!!
4. A terminal ill hunk finds love from a group of 24 hospice nurses - I Can't Live Without You
5. A fine, upstanding girl picks the most righteous of 24 suitors but when it's time for him to propose, she reveals that she's a porn star - The Harlot Bride


  1. Age Before Booty! Love that title! I'd sign up to be one of the AARP members.

  2. Oh my. #4. You are twisted my fine friend.