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July 10, 2009

Before we elevate some flash-in-the-pan as the new King of Pop, let's take some time to celebrate some other Kings of Things.

1. King of Cage
2. King of Steaks (that's cheese steaks for you who don't know Pat's)
3. King of Bingo (I love that the king of bingo supplies is a leprechaun.)
4. King of Mushrooms
5. King of Kong (This is a surprisingly good documentary featuring one of America's finest and most patriotic mullets.)
6. King of Cornhole
7. King of the Jungle (So Lou Diamond won that thing!)
8. King of Stink (You'll note that this is a new and improved website so hard telling what it looked like before.)
9. King of Hobos (All hail King Stretch and his fair Queen Ct. Tootsie)

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