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August 1, 2009

10 comic book movies I'd like to see (and might get to soon in some cases.)

1.  Fables
2.  Dr. Strange
3.  Preacher
4.  Kick Ass
5.  Micronauts 
6.  Moon Shadow
7.  American Flagg
8.  She-Hulk (the clever series not that other junk)
9.  Y: The Last Man 
10.  Archie Vs. The Punisher


  1. Oh my ... what was your favourite Micronauts story line ..? what happened to Michael Golden, the artist for that book?

    That first year, when it finally led up to the showdown with Braon Karza was pretty good. Another off beat mag that I like was the Adam Warlock with Jim Starlin, the one that concluded in the Marvel 2 in 1 with the Thing, the Avengers w/Thor battling Thanos out in space ...

    I could go on and on. Dr. Strange would be a pretty good one, if they would make it for the target audience rather than hoping it made mega millions. Stephen Strange was a layed cat, and who would play Clea? That sounds like an Angelina Jolie role.

    Which She Hulk are you talking about ... the John Byrne She Hulk is the only one that I know ...

  2. Big Mark: I now know that you are a big nerd - but of course I understand everything you're saying.

    The first Micronauts story was basically Star Wars but I loved the whole thing so just using the idea of a microverse would be a cool movie.

    You mentioned Jim Starlin which makes me think I forgot Dreadstar - that would be a great movie and would get lots of picket line since Darth Vader in that story was the Pope.

    I think Dr. Strange would work as long as Keanu wasn't involved. BTW, if you aren't up on your Strange, he is no longer Sorcerer Supreme. That is now Brother Voodoo.

    For She-Hulk, something in the vein of Byrne. It would be a bad choice to take a smoking hot 8 foot green woman seriously.