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August 16, 2009

In no particular order, the top ten Hollywoon leading ladies of the Depression era.

1. Barbara Stanwyck
2. Kay Francis
3. Jean Arthur
4. Irene Dunne
5. Myrna Loy
6. Bette Davis
7. Carole Lombard
8. Kathryn Hepburn
9. Jean Harlow
10. Ginger Rogers


  1. OMG...You left off my favorite actress of all time: Judy Garland. She may not have been the most popular, but she was a classic beauty..

    Love this list though. Makes me want to go back and watch some of these women in my favorite movies..

  2. I was watching Strike Up the Band as I wrote the list so I considered her. No reason for her not to have been included other than she developed her acting chops a bit later on.

  3. Interesting! Who are the top 10 today I wonder?